Under (re)construction

A re-design is in progress…a couple of years’ worth of posts were lost to time during a switch of hosters. Ah well.

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    • karlg says:

      I will be migrating the earlier blog posts, incl. about Topotime — thanks for the further motivation.

      Topotime is paused right now as my “day job” has taken over completely. I am leaning strongly towards making it a recommended spec for temporal properties with the GeoJSON standard…then writing a parser and an app that demonstrates map and timeline joined usefully. Probably won’t resume until late December though.


  1. jon r says:

    Thanks Karl,

    TransforMap can certainly wait a bit more for simple usable tempospatial data.
    Funny enough, I have written about “day job” just yesterday:




    is kind of a summary of where I want to go with federated tempospatial data. Maybe I will jump in later while producing a usable version of http://mariandoerk.de/fluidviews/.

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