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Notes for an Orbis-esque Hackathon

On July 18-20, I will join several other “interested digital humanists with an inclination for coding” gathering at the University of Vienna to consider what a generic version of ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman Empire (ORBIS:Rome … Continue reading

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In recent days, a conversation has been renewed about the prospects for an “Orbis-in-a-Box” platform (OIB) for simulating historical movement across multi-modal transport networks. The idea holds great interest for me, and this post is a hasty “my two cents.” … Continue reading

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Linked Places v0.2

I’ve just re-launched Linked Places (, a sandbox web application for experiments in representing historical geographic movement: journeys, named routes (and route systems), and flows. Linked Places displays several exemplar datasets formatted as GeoJSON-T, my proposed temporal extension to the … Continue reading

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A Case for GeoJSON-T

GeoJSON has become a popular standard format for representing geographic features in web mapping applications. It is supported by the key JavaScript libraries Leaflet, Mapbox, OpenLayers, and D3, and to some extent by desktop GIS software (QGIS, ArcMap). GitHub renders … Continue reading

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Linking Linked Places

A little context The tag line for the Pelagios Commons web site is, “Linking the Places of our Past,” and that project is indeed facilitating the linking of historical place attestations published in digital gazetteers. From my perspective (and many … Continue reading

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